Almost $1.6 million in grant money will soon be available from the Michigan DNR.

A lot of grant money is now being made available from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to help with improving state fisheries and aquatic resources, dam removal and repair, assessment studies, and more. Now, the competitive process of applying for the grant money has begun.

The Fisheries Habitat Grant funding is available to local, state, federal and tribal governments, and nonprofit groups. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources will distribute the funds through three themes. Those themes include aquatic habitat conservation, dam management, and aquatic habitat and recreation in the Au Sable, Manistee, and Muskegon river watersheds.

Healthy waters benefit all of us. Whether it's better fishing, more resilient ecosystems or improved human safety, these projects have positive effects across Michigan...These grants help our partners protect and rehabilitate fisheries and waters in a state that relies heavily on those resources as a foundation for tourism and quality of life...said Joe Nohner, a resource analyst with the DNR Fisheries Division.

To apply for the grant money, all of the applicants must first meet with a fisheries biologist to discuss their project. After that, they must complete and submit a short preproposal to the Department of Natural Resources for review. Those applications must be submitted by Friday, November 12th and the applicants will be notified of the outcome by December 14th.

The grants start at a minimum of $25,000. To get more details or to apply, click here. 

Source: Michigan Department of Natural Resources

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