If you were planning on buying a bunch of fireworks for your kickass 4th of July festivities, you better stock up now because they might be gone if you wait until the last minute. Honestly, they might be gone already.

The demand for fireworks is high this year, unfortunately, the supply is extremely low.

The fireworks industry is warning customers that supply ahead of Independence Day will be down about 30 percent this year due to supply chain issues.

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I was talking to the manager at Phantom Fireworks on Miller Road and he said their supply is half of what they normally have for the 4th of July weekend. While we were on the phone he said there was a delivery truck at his store and it was only a third full.

One of the issues stems from last year when consumer fireworks increased by 90%. Nobody could go to public celebrations so everyone bought fireworks to launch from their own backyards. Shipping issues from China due to the COVID-19 pandemic is also to blame.

I hadn't really given much of this a thought until I noticed I wasn't really seeing any fireworks stands in the area when normally there's one on every corner.

I know some people that are driving from state to state trying to piece their fireworks displays together. That's a little crazy to me. I guess some people are just a bit more committed to the 4th than others.

If you don't go and get your fireworks now, you might have to spend your festivities lighting snakes and smoke bombs. Hell, you might not be able to find those either.

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