Gas prices continue to climb in Michigan and it's really starting to get a little ridiculous. I mean come on, I shouldn't be spending nearly $80 to fill up my gas tank.

I'm always the one that says I don't pay attention to gas prices because it doesn't matter, I have to have gas. Well, I'm paying attention now and feeling the same frustration as everyone else.

Gas prices this week set a new high in 2021 in Michigan after a 9-cent increase from last week, according to Fox 2.

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The new high this year is $3.27 per gallon in Michigan. Although you might find it a tad higher in Flint with the most expensive topping out at $3.28. That is just nuts.

Adrienne Woodland, spokesperson, AAA-The Auto Club Group:

Despite a slight decrease in demand, Michigan drivers continue to see higher prices at the pump. With crude oil prices remaining above $70 a barrel, gas prices could likely stay above $3 a gallon throughout the busy summer driving season.

Here is a breakdown of average prices in the state:

  • Wayne County - $3.29 per gallon
  • Oakland County - $3.31 per gallon
  • Macomb County - $3.24 per gallon
  • Washtenaw County - $3.28 per gallon
  • Livingston County - $3.31 per gallon
  • St. Clair County - $3.27 per gallon
  • Most expensive gas price averages: Metro Detroit ($3.29), Lansing ($3.29), Flint ($3.28)
  • Least expensive gas price averages: Benton Harbor ($3.23), Traverse City ($3.23), Ann Arbor ($3.26)

It really sucks if you have a long commute, it sucks if you're taking the family on a road trip throughout the state, and really sucks if you drive a truck as I do.

It's probably only going to get worse before it gets better.

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