For this week only, a Michigan Ice cream shop is selling Mountain Dew soft serve ice cream.

This yearly tradition is available now through this Saturday (5/12) at Dairy Whip in Redford. I say yearly but technically this is only their second year making the ice cream flavor. Apparently, it was such a big hit with their customers last year that they're doing it again this year.

I'm not one to drive very far for food but I have a real weakness for Ice Cream and I'm definitely willing to drive to Redford which is just a little over an hour away.

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Without giving away their secret recipe, owner Josh Hutchison explained to MLive how it's made and where they came up with the idea.

It’s Mountain Dew with some stabilizers and a few different things. I finally got the consistency to be perfect. There’s no cream to it, but it comes out and tastes just like ice cream. We have a bunch of different chemists at Independent Dairy. One of them kind of gave me an idea and I put it together after eight tries.

If Mountain Dew ice cream really isn't your thing, no big deal. They have lots of other options to choose from on their menu including two dozen hand-dipped ice cream flavors, a dozen soft serve flavors, flurries, shakes, sundaes, slushies, parfaits and more.

Where is Dairy Whip located?

Dairy Whip is located at 26215 Plymouth Road in Redford.

The building used to be a diner back in the 60s but was eventually turned into the ice cream shop that's there today.

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