The aunt of this little 9-month-old claims that 32-year-old Justin Davis "shook her niece to death."

According to WDIV, Davis (no relation) was taking care of the little girl while the mother went to work. At some point, an emergency call came in because she couldn't breathe. Ida firefighters in Monroe County arrived and took the girl to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit with life-threatening injuries. Officials say she passed away at 4:08 pm on Monday.

They haven't announced exactly what was the cause of death but doctors said her injuries are consistent with abuse.

Davis was charged with first-degree child abuse but that charge could turn into a murder charge. I hope it does and I hope this loser spends a lifetime behind bars.

There's still a lot of questions that surround this guy and his relationship with the mother. Apparently, the mother and father are no longer together and their families have been butting heads since their split.

Regardless as to what's going internally with these families, it has nothing to do with the loss of this little girl's life. It's so damn heartbreaking to think someone could do this to a child.

Source: WDIV