I think to own really cool exotic pets is awesome but not one that can kill with its poisonous venom with a single strike. You're just asking for trouble if you own a deadly cobra and you keep it as a household pet.

A Pinconning Township man recently learned this lesson the hard way after he was bitten by his pet Monocled Cobra at his home. According to WNEM, he went to open the cobra's cage but somehow it fell to the floor and struck the man. He then called 911 and was rushed McLaren Bay Region hospital and then transported by helicopter to a hospital in Detroit where he was listed under serious condition.

If you own a pet that requires six units of antivenom that needs to be shipped from Miami, you should probably rethink you pet choice.

I'm sure this will be one of those dudes that will continue to keep a deadly pet cobra in their home even after facing death. I just don't get those kinds of people. Then again, I'm someone who wouldn't even want to own a garter snake...I don't like snakes, they're scary lol.