After being in the shoe shine business for 15 years, Michigan's Elisha Smith was at risk of losing his business because of the COVID-19 pandemic. He needed to come up with a new way to serve his customers because prior to the pandemic he was going to local businesses and was serving his customers inside. Obviously, that wasn't an option anymore.

Instead of giving up, he took action and figured out a way that he could still serve his customers in a safe environment.

Elisha Smith (Mr. E):

I either could have caved or think outside of the box. I wanted to have something that works with how we’re living our life today.

According to WXYZ, the idea was to put his own shop on wheels. Smith said he first started looking at buses, but something else caught his eye.

He ended up finding a shuttle bus that ultimately gave him all the room that he needed to properly serve his customers. He wasted no time and got to work turning his shuttle bus into a shoe-shine shop on wheels.

I just love the fact that this guy didn't sit on his ass hoping something would come along. He got up and made it happen on his own.

It’s a passion to transform something old and bring it back looking new. I really want people to really appreciate getting their shoes done again because it’s a lost art.

Mr. E's Mobile Shoe Shine Service is available for bookings, weddings, Corporate Meetings, Church Functions, Banquets and Events. They also offer pick-up and delivery from your business or home.​

Mr. E's Mobile Shoe Shine Service
Mr. E's Mobile Shoe Shine Service

All the COVID safey protocols will be followed for wearing a mask, sanitizing surfaces, temperature checks and social distancing inside the shuttle.

I'm not sure if travels this far north but for the right amount of business, I bet he would.

He's right when he says shoe shinning is a lost art. I remember years back, a guy would come into The Machine Shop and would shine people's shoes. I would get mine shined up every time. We always had a great conversation and I'd go home with shiny boots. I really miss that.

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