For nearly 3 months a grieving Michigan family has been looking for answers in the mysterious murder of 20-year-old Emilio Valdez.

According to WDIV, Emilio left his mother's home on Oliver Street in Pontiac at 2 a.m.on June 7th and never returned. When he left the home, he was apparently carrying a bag of marijuana and a shoebox. He got into a black Grand Prix in front of his neighbor's house, gunshots were fired and almost immediately the car sped away.

This poor young man was shot in the chest and head, then brought to Osmun Lake, where it's believed he was still alive when he was thrown in the water off a dock. It's just absolutely horrible to think how helpless he was when this monster (or monsters) did this to him.

Police said that whoever did this knew Emilio.

The stolen black Grand Prix he was shot in was discovered in Scott Lake in Waterford.

Oakland County Detective Kevin Thomas said. "He was a good young man. Apparently, from all the people that we have talked to, he had a lot of friends. He didn't do anything wrong."

Obviously, family members are extremely upset over what happened to Emilio and they want answers, they want to know who did this to their loved one.

I only heard of this story after I saw my next door neighbor Stephanie post something on her Facebook page about Emilio and how he was her cousin. I asked her if she could give me a few words about him. She opened up and this what she had to say:

"He was a sweetheart, he was respectful to everyone. His family was very important to him, when we were all together he would hug and kiss all of us, and he would make sure to ask you how you are doing. If you were feeling down he would definitely get you to smile and totally shift your mood. You just knew he cared and was concerned about you. He would go above and beyond to help anyone in need, no matter who you were... a stranger or not. He did very well in school and loved sports. He went to church and did volunteer work. He had a good heart and put everyone else before himself. He had so many friends and touched so many people, it actually inspires me to be more like he was. He was so handsome and had such an amazing smile, it could light up the room and he always dressed to impress. Lol. He had such a bright future ahead of him, he was planning on going to college, and he worked full time."

"He didn’t deserve to die, and his murderer needs to be caught. He was not a criminal, he has never been in trouble with the law. He didn’t get in fights or cause trouble. Unfortunately, he trusted the wrong person and got in the wrong car. But that’s the type of person he was “trusting”. He thought everyone was a good person like him."

"I love him and miss him dearly. Our family would appreciate any help or information about his murder because he deserves justice."

If you know or hear ANYTHING call Detective Thomas or Peschke at 248-409-7121

Source: WDIV