I do not have kids, so I do not have to deal with arranging child care when school is called off. That however is not the case for many of you. If your kid(s) are not old enough and or responsible enough to stay home alone what do you do? Do you have the luxury of staying home from work? I am guessing the answer is no for a lot of you.

Michelle Thering of Gladwin told WNEM she was let go after staying home with her children on snow days. The nursing assistant claims after having to call in for a few days, she got a call saying she was no longer needed. Trust me, I get it - when people call in, other people have to cover. In this case (and many others) it is not by choice.

Thering is now looking for a new job. WNEM reports that a new law to protect parents when school is called off, but obviously this does not help Thering now. Did you have to call in to care for your children on snow days? How does your employer handle these types of situations? I am certainly hoping you did not lose your job too.

You can see and hear Michelle tell her story here.


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