Does anyone remember the song 'Mutha (Don't Want To Go To School Today)' by Extreme? Anyone other than me and Tony LaBrie? Cricket, cricket (check it out below).

A Michigan mom was sentenced to 5 days in jail after her 6-year-old kid accumulated 26 unexcused absences. First of all - why didn't she write 26 notes? Duh. Too late now. Brittany Ann Horton, 28, of Twin Lake, Michigan, plead guilty to truancy and will now serve time. Reports indicate she was given a chance to set the record straight, but failed to do so. WTF? Along with the jail time, Horton was ordered to pay fines over $500.

I never had perfect attendance, but I don't recall missing a lot of days of school. Most likely in high school I did - But, I learned how to forge my moms signature and WROTE A NOTE. Duh.