Michigan residents could be losing their right to privacy. A new bill being introduced in the state legislature this week would allow law enforcement agencies to monitor calls and text messages from cell phones without obtaining a warrant. 

It is called the Kelsey Smith Bill, and it would essentially allow the police to spy on wireless devices without permission from a judge. While the language of the bill indicates this measure would only be used in “emergency situations,” like in the case of a child abduction, if passed, it would literally stamp out the privacy rights of the average citizen – opening their electronic lives up to Big Brother.

Indeed, if this bill is truly designed to save lives, then it needs to be redrafted and make specific declarations. Otherwise, it is just a ploy to strip away rights. “It does not clearly define when the device information is granted,” said Representative Martin Howrylak, adding that law enforcement agencies need to have boundaries.

The bill could get a vote as early as next week.

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