The Michigan State Police are allegedly in cahoots with prosecutors to charge more marijuana offenders with felonies instead of misdemeanors.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, Komorn Law Firm has obtained evidence that proves the MSP Forensic Science Division is using changes to their policy on detecting marijuana that is leading to minor pot possession being charged as felony possession of synthetic THC.

According to HIGH TIMES, there has been an adjustment in the way marijuana is reported that allows Michigan crime labs to rule a marijuana edible or oil, which are illegal under the medical marijuana laws, as being inconclusive as to whether these substances were derived from raw cannabis or through synthetic means. This allows prosecutors to charge suspects for possession of synthetic marijuana – a felony.

Korman Law Firm says they have emails showing that prosecutors are persuading crime lab analysts to rule these substances “origin unknown” in order to charge more people with felonies.

To read more about this scandal check out the article in HIGH TIMES.

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