A group of wanna-be rocket scientists in Michigan are planning to launch a porta-potty into space in order to raise awareness for rocketry. The organization is called “The Throne Thrusters,” which sounds like group of sickos traveling around having group sex in bathroom stalls across America, but they insist the humor is all for the good of science.

It has taken the Throne Thrusters two years to organize the potty launch, which unlike the poo cocktail segment in the movie 'Jackass 3', will be done with several engines rather than a glorified rubber band.

"Dave McVeigh, the owner of a local retail hobby store, pointed towards the old decrepit porta-potty bathroom sitting nearby in the field and said, 'I'll provide the rocket motors if anyone wants to make a rocket out of that.' In the bat of an eye, everyone present had their hand up in the air saying, 'Count me in!'" according to a press release.

We are not entirely sure if we want a bunch a fecal fascinated freaks having access to rocket power, but then again, this is America, which allows its citizens to get into some pretty sketchy business as long as they agree to pay taxes on it.

The potty launch or “Thrusting of the Throne” will take place on November 22 in field somewhere in Three Oaks, Michigan.