If you need to visit a Michigan Secretary of State Branch to do business that you cannot do at a kiosk, you my friend are screwed. Especially if you wanted to take care of something this month.

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According to ABC 12, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson will continue the policy of appointments only indefinitely. Some transactions like license plate renewal tags can be taken care of at a Secretary of State kiosk, but unfortunately not every transaction is that easy.

My step-dad tried to make an appointment in April, there were no openings until June. Clearly this is not ideal, and many people want the 'walk in' policy reinstated. One of the last times I was able to walk into a Secretary of State branch, I had roughly a two hour wait. I went next door to the Burger Bar & Tap to kill that two hours (and a beer). This was obviously before the pandemic.

One other thing that is extremely frustrating when you attempt to call the Secretary of State, it is next to impossible to talk to an actual human being. Trust me, I know from trying to help my step-dad make his appointment. I just wanted to ask a question, and could not. Also, as soon as you see an available appointment time on the SOS website and try to book it - someone beats you to it. It is a never ending battle.

Now that I am thinking of it, I think I have to renew my license in November - I guess I better log on now and try to get an appointment. Ugh.

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