McConnell Adams, Townsquare Media Lansing
McConnell Adams, Townsquare Media Lansing

Michigan Secretary of State branch locations will open next week. Beginning on Tuesday, June 1st, you will be able to make an appointment for select transactions from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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During open hours, customers can conduct the following business,

  • Driver licenses and state ID transactions that must be done in person.
  • Title transfers.
  • Operator, CDL, chauffeur, mechanic and motorcycle testing.
  • Seasonal commercial vehicle renewal.

As with most reopens - there will be a code of conduct during your appointment. The safety precautions are as follow,

  • Arriving at the appointment alone.
  • Wearing a mask or homemade face covering over their mouth and nose.
  • Waiting in their vehicle or outside prior to the appointment time and maintaining six feet of distance when announcing themselves and their appointment to staff at the doors.
  • Following directions on where to stand during the transaction — only stepping forward toward the clerk when providing or retrieving documents.
  • Cancelling their appointment if they develop symptoms of COVID-19 or come into contact with someone who has COVID-19 within 14 days of the appointment.
  • Adhering to CDC guidelines when in public.

Another change to the Secretary of State is color coding. According to the SOS website, they are sending updated color coded renewal forms this week, based on the transaction needed. The color coding is as follows,

  • Red: Vehicle registration
  • Blue: Driver’s license
  • Green: State identification card
  • Teal: Watercraft
  • Gray: Snowmobile
  • Purple: Special plate

You can see an example of all of the above forms here.

I think a majority of us were already making appointments at the SOS before the pandemic. If you were not, trust me - appointments are a good thing. However, I would not call to get an appointment at the last minute. Plan ahead, it is going to be very busy.

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