It's so hard to imagine what people are truly going through down south after Hurricane Ida ripped through there over the weekend.

To help with the rescue efforts, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is sending 44 members of Michigan Task Force 1 down to Louisiana. According to the Detroit Free Press, they're an emergency response team that specializes in urban search and rescue and its members have several skill sets: some use dogs to search structures for survivors, others focus on how to navigate large structures affected by the storm.

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Gov. Whitmer:

Our hearts are with the people of Louisiana and everyone on the ground working to save lives. A team of first responders from Michigan is on their way to assist with search and rescue efforts.

It's going to take the team over a week, maybe longer depending on the amount of help that is needed.

Bailey Wilkins, spokeswoman for the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division of the Michigan State Police:

The team is trained in search, rescue and recovery operations, including wide-area search, structural collapse in heavy frame and reinforced concrete structures, technical rope, confined space, trench, swift water and flood water operations.

Some of the photos and videos we've seen come out of Louisiana are just heartbreaking and unbelievable. This morning while watching the news, my son asked me if sharks could end up in the city and I just laughed. I said you watch too much tv. Then earlier today I literally saw a video of a dolphin swimming in someone's neighborhood down there. I couldn't believe it.

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