In an announcement on Wednesday, Michigan State University has stated that students will be returning to class in the fall.

Michigan State University president, Samuel L. Stanley, made the announcement that classes will begin on September 2nd of this year. The fall semester will include both in-class and online courses. As for the in-person teaching, that will continue until November 25th. After that, the rest of the instruction, final exams, and study sessions will be done remotely. This will give the students options after Thanksgiving, return to class, or stay at home as we approach the peak of flu season.

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Of course, social distancing rules will still be in play during the semester. MSU will still continue to offer online and remote classes and will have strict limits and regulations when it comes to gatherings. Face masks and face coverings will also be a big part of the future on campus. Students at Michigan State that decide not to return to campus, the university will be providing a large selection of remote classes that will help students work towards their degrees.

While students will not be forced to go back, this is a great step for those searching for a bit of normalcy in all of this. I think that having the option to do at least a few courses with other students will make a world of difference for many of those students. Personally, I learn the best from a more hands-on approach and I know there are students out there that need to same.

Source: MSU


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