A Macomb County teacher is facing 10 counts of child abuse after being accused of kicking, slapping and demeaning students with autism.

According to WDIV, Brittany Stevens' former teacher's aide is claiming she documented five months of physical abuse and mental cruelty by Stevens toward the children. The aide said Stevens would mock the children, who are ages 8 to 10. Another assistant, was in tears in court while describing the alleged cruelty she saw toward a nonverbal child looking forward to his cookie at lunch. "She crushed his cookie in front of him and said, You're not going to get it."

I don't understand why these assistants would wait five months before reporting the abuse. It's like they sat back, watched and documented everything that happened but did nothing to stop it. They claim they didn't say anything because they were scared they would lose their jobs. Really? If they documented the abuse like they say, they must have some sort of video proof. Some of the comments made on WDIV's Facebook page are claiming that the teacher is being set up and she's innocent and the assistants just wanted to get the teacher fired. I guess we won't know the truth until case heads to trial.

The teacher from Sequoia Elementary School denies each and every claim and allegation made against her.