Remember Mr. D.? He's the fourth-grade teacher whose hilarious April Fool's Day spelling test landed him on 'Ellen' and made the whole country laugh a few years ago.

"Speekuzslmn. Look there's a Speekuzslmn:  s-p-e-e-k-u-z-s-l-m-n - there's silent letters at the end of that one."

Joe Dombrowski's prank on his fourth-grade students at a Royal Oak school was a springboard to success, taking his career as a stand-up comic to the next level.

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But Mr. D. says he was about to give up on comedy before the spelling-test bit. He tells Detroit TV station WDIV that he'd been dabbling in stand-up comedy for a few years already, and didn't think he was going to get a break.

"Two weeks before my video went viral I was sitting at the dinner table with my parents and I was saying, 'I don't know, comedy's not going to happen for me,' and then boom, it did, you never know," Dombrowski said.

Now Mr. D.'s comedy career is taking off. He's been on one national tour and his second is taking off this week. He's looking forward to doing a comedy show later this month at the Royal Oak Music Theatre.

And because he loves the kids, and loves all the material they provide him, Dombrowski is still teaching. He'll be in the classroom three days a week this year teaching -- and possibly learning from -- Kindergarteners.

Tickets to see Mr. D. at the Royal Oak Music Theatre on September 18 are available here.


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