Michigan teachers who worked throughout the pandemic will be receiving hazard pay in the amount of $500 dollars, if teachers and school districts met the December deadlines to submit eligibility forms.

School support staff are included in this grant as well. If that is you - expect a check for $250 dollars. This sounds totally reasonable, and well deserved to me. I was freaked out inside of a grocery store early on in the pandemic, I cannot imagine how I could deal with teaching kids in a classroom, or out of one. If you think forced home schooling is (was) glamorous - think again.

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I do not have kids, but I know plenty of people that do, including two sisters. I saw (and heard) first hand how stressful it is to work a full time job, and have someone at home with the kids for school. That is the exact same scenario for countless parents. Now think about all of the Michigan teachers trying to juggle their own kids schedules, and teach your kids through a computer. A thankless job - but the hazard pay is indeed a nice gesture.

You know what it is even more amazing about Michigan teachers? I bet most of them will put half of the hazard pay, if not all of it - back into their classrooms. Some by choice, and some because they just have no choice not to.

Thank you teachers, for all you do.

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