What the buck?

A Michigan woman was almost dead meat earlier this week after she was forced to get into a bare-knuckle brawl with an injured deer.

Reports indicate that Shawna Hoekstra from Alto spotted a deer in the field across from her house in the morning hours -- noticed it had been shot -- and followed it in order to reap the benefit of the meat that a hunter was going to miss out on.

However, when she got close to the beast, she quickly realized that she did not wait long enough for it to drop dead -- it was still very much alive and prepared to fight.

It lunged at her, which prompted her to grab a hold of its rack and wrestle it to the ground. Of course, the buck was not about to go down that easy. It continued flailing around until Hoekstra found herself pinned underneath. That is when she said the 911 call was placed, which lead to an officer showing up on the scene to pull the kill switch on the buck.

Interestingly, while Hoekstra said she was interested in the deer to feed her family, she claims to be a vegan.