Do you have 'it'? As in the 'It-Factor'? If so, you could be the next 'American Idol'. Virtual auditions for Michiganders are Monday, August 24th. No waiting in long lines to audition this year, but you do have to register on line.

I can tell you right off the bat, I do not have what it takes to win. The first thing you need is a great singing voice. I have been asked NOT to sing on several occasions. If you do have the voice, picking the right song to sing is also key. I have watched contestants do a not so great audition because of the song they chose. If they were lucky, the judges would ask them to sing a different song. If not, they were out of the running.

It has been a while since I watched 'American Idol'. I switched to 'The Voice' for a while, but now all I seem to watch is 'Yellowstone'. Damn that is a good show. If you happen to make it on to the show, I will watch. It is definitely more fun to watch someone local compete.

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As I am typing this, there are still spots available for the Michigan auditions. That being said, I would not wait too long to reserve your spots. A lot of other states are full already. Click here to start the process.

If you do try out, let me know. Tell me all about it so I write a post about you and your audition experience. Good luck.

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