Earlier this week, a Michigan woman drove her car along with her 9-year-old twin daughters into a southwestern Michigan river.

According to The New York Times, the woman who was with her 9-year-old twin daughters drove a Chevrolet Impala down a boat ramp into a still, murky part of the Kalamazoo River late Monday. All three were found dead.

Apparently, there were two other girls (unclear how they're related) in the car but for whatever reason, the mother let them go before driving into the river. Those girls were found at a nearby Walgreens, they were really upset and hard to understand. Officers on the scene said they had a hard time believing the girls simply because it seemed so unbelievable.

Now the question everyone is asking...why? Why would she not only want to kill herself but kill her daughters as well?

The New York Times also reported that she had a 20-year-old daughter too who said her mother didn't seem like herself lately and that she was tired, sad, and lonely.

It seems like there's a lot of moving parts to this story and some questions may never get answered.