You have got to be kidding me. A Dearborn, Michigan woman actually believed she was in a relationship with movie star Tom Cruise. The pair never met mind you. If you have not figured it out already - this woman was totally scammed by someone posing as Tom Cruise over the internet. Ugh.

According to reports, the unidentified woman claimed she friended Tom Cruise on Facebook. The a-hole behind the fake profile instructed the very naive woman was instructed to put 3 bogus checks in the amount $9800 in a Wells Fargo account he had set up for her. The fake Tom Cruise told the woman that there was already 30K in that account for her. Of course none of this was true. I find the whole thing very confusing, but first and foremost who would believe they were actually communicating with Tom Cruise? SMH.

Let this be a warning, if a celebrity reaches out to you in regards to money - IT IS NOT REALLY THE CELEBRITY. The more you know.