Behold, the world of Michigan recreational marijuana.

High Times is bringing their multi-day pro-marijuana event back to Clio for their Cannabis Cup for the fifth year in a row. And this year, they'll be taking a "victory lap" (cuz it's at Auto City Speedway, get it?) after the state voted to approve the adult use of the sweet cheeba.

The difference this year will be glaring: previously, only medical marijuana cardholders were allowed to attend the event. Now, anybody 21+ with a valid ID will be able to gain entry and partake in some of the country's finest weed.

So, what can you expect if you'd like to attend?

*2 days of musical acts that have previously included 50 Cent, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, Ludacris and others

*hundreds of vendors offering classic cannabis to smoke, edibles to eat, and equipment to grow your own

*food trucks, because let's be honest: MUNCHIES

*the opportunity to connect with like-minded people with no stigma

The biggest draw this year will probably be this: right now, if you don't have a medical card, you can't purchase product anywhere...yet. At the Cannabis Cup, however, you WILL be able to purchase. 

Performers will be announced soon. Get all the details HERE.