If someone asked you to guess what you thought was the most Googled Valentine's Day gift, what would you say? I would guess puppies, jewelery, sex toys or something along those lines. I definitely wouldn't say chocolate. Who the hell needs to google chocolate?

The staff at CouponLawn.com put in some serious hours trying to figure out what each state across the country is into by collecting and analyzing Google Trends from 2004-2020.

Michigan most Googled gift for Valentine's Day is chocolate. Pretty lame if you ask me. At least in Arkansas, they got creative and ended up with coupes tattoos as the most Google Valentine's Day Gift. Others include ‘plus size lingerie’, which topped search results in Louisiana, ‘gift basket’ in Colorado, ‘getaway’ in Montana, ‘love coupon’ in Idaho; ‘tandem bicycle’ in Iowa and New Jersey (that one is kinda weird).

I'm in a lucky situation because my girlfriend wants nothing to do with Valentine's Day, she has zero interest. She's not one of those chicks that just says that and still expects something. She literally thinks it's pointless. It's probably because I'm so awesome to her all year round, so we don't need a special day to celebrate our relationship. I'm the gift that keeps on giving.  At least that's what I like to think.

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