Do you struggle to spell the most misspelled word in Michigan? Chances are good that you do.

We get it, not everyone has a knack for spelling. Most people struggle with at least a few words here and there. While I don't struggle with the most commonly misspelled word in Michigan, there are a few that I battle with. For some reason, I always misspell 'restaurant', 'decision', and 'conscious'. The word 'restaurant' drives me nuts, I get so mad every time that I spell it wrong.

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Every year Google Trends puts out a list of the top misspelled word searches by state. Some of the results are shocking while others make total sense.

Before we get to Michigan, let's take a look at a few other states that have a problem spelling what seem like no-brainer words.

  • Alaska - Cheese
  • North Dakota - Sorry
  • Texas - Normal
  • Virginia - Prank

We can't bust on Tenessee and Utah too bad, they struggle with words that most of us struggle with as well.

  • Tenessee - Pneumonia
  • Utah - Boutonniere

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