Michigan's NO RESOLVE is back and this time around they are on freaking fire with their latest song 'Never Back Down.' This song takes the band to a whole new level, one that fans have been waiting for.

"Never Back Down" is a song letting people know they really do have what it takes. They are not alone in this. Keep your head up"

Award-winning, hard-hitting active rock quintet NO RESOLVE has created a sound that’s an ideal musical and lyrical anthem for the pandemic. But at the same time, the songs serve as motivation for anyone struggling with hard times.

NO RESOLVE recently signed a deal with Noise Machine, with “Never Back Down” as the band’s first release. The lineup’s beyond-impressive self-achieved success caught the label’s attention, the band knows that it all starts with the music. The label sent NO RESOLVE into the studio to record the track. The Noise Machine family (Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling producers) helped develop the career of I Prevail.

Also in 2020, the band recruited powerhouse drummer Rich Beddoe, formerly of Finger Eleven and Saint Asonia. Clearly, the last couple of years have seen huge musical and personal growth for NO RESOLVE.

“It’s still our great hooks, great melodies, hard-hitting choruses, but definitely a change. More modern, with a wider net for bigger sounds.”


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