Mike Protich, frontman for Red Sun Rising is coming to Flint to perform at The Machine Shop.

The concert which will also feature Red Sun Rising members Dave McGarry and Pat Gerasia will happen at The Machine Shop on Saturday, December 7th. Tickets for the show are on sale now for only $12 and are available here. Be sure to come out early for openers Amplaphi & Mercy Beach.

I talked with Mike Protich recently and he explained to me that this was more than just some stripped-down Red Sun Rising show. He said he really just wanted the opportunity to perform other songs that are outside the Red Sun Rising library that he's written and never really been able to share before or songs from the band that they've never shared before. It's going to be a collection of songs that will also include all the big RSR hits like 'Otherside' and 'Emotionless.'

He also pointed out that there will be lots of energy with the show and fans shouldn't come out thinking this is going to be all somber, slow and acoustic. It's going to pretty much be a full band show but with just the three guys and some fun storytelling to go along with it.




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