A military plane accidentally dropped training bombs on Oscoda County during its flight from Selfridge Air National Guard Base to Camp Grayling.

In what is described as a "rare" situation by Lt. Col. Matthew Trumble, director of the Camp Grayling Air Gunnery Range, six training bombs and a training missile "fell off" a military plane, and landed on Luzerne, Michigan on October 25th. The mistake is said to have been caused by a mechanical failure.

Luzerne, which is just west of Mio, suffered no damages and there were no injuries as a result of the accidental bombing, as the training munitions landed in a remote wooded area. Luckily, the training missile was non-explosive, and the bombs only give off smoke so the pilots can spot them. 

The situation ended up being a harmless mistake, but some are still quite shaken by the thought that we could accidentally bomb ourselves. The online reactions range from Yoopers joking, "we finally bombed the trolls" to "OMG I can't sleep now!" Obviously, there was plenty of reactions like "looks like we're practicing for Trump's presidency" and "Thanks, Obama" going around as well.

While some of the reactions are quite strong, they have yet to escalate to the frenzied level of Jade Helm reactions, which caused so many military takeover conspiracy theories last year it was ridiculous. We even saw our own tin foil hat club come out in full force when the military conducted a few exercises here in Flint. Hopefully, we wont have to hear crazy theories about this latest incident for the next few months. Sometimes accidents do happen, and not everything is part of some multi-level plan for Obama to come take your guns.

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