Remember as a kid playing catch with your dad in the front yard pretending to be a professional baseball player MLB. I do.

One kid in Tampa Bay had his dream come true earlier in the week when the former MVP of the American League, 3B Josh Donaldson who was traded from the Toronto Blue Jays to the Cleveland Indians pulled this young boy out of the stands and played catch with him. How freaking cool is this.

Donaldson was signing autographs for some of the fans before the game and noticed a young boy with his glove. Just like that this little kid is playing catch on the filed with a professional baseball player. What a classy move on his part. We tend to think that all professional athletes are these pre-madonna jack asses who only care about themselves. This is one game of catch that this little boy will never forget. Hats off to you Josh Donaldson.

Source: Sports World Via Youtube

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