This is nuts!  A Minnesota man allegedly killed his step daughter in Warren, MI because she was not practicing Muslim customs since she moved to Michigan.

Police say Rahim Alfetlawi drove from Coon Rapids, Minnestota to Grand Blanc, Michigan Saturday to confront Jessica Mokdad's biological father.  Neither Mokdad or her father were at home when he arrived.

Alfetlawi then drove to Warren, MI  where Jessica would sometimes stay with her grandmother. According to the Associated Press that is where he shot and killed her.

Reports indicate that after the shooting, Alfetlawi went to Center Line Public Safety Department and reported he had shot someone.

Warren Detective Lt. Michael Torrey said, quote:

"We believe she (the victim) left him and her mother to live with her dad in Grand Blanc".

Torrey goes on to say that Alfetlawi is claiming the gun accidentally went off.

This is totally messed up.  Because this girl was not living the lifestyle HE thought she should, she is now dead.  Sad.


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