Last weekend I had the chance to get out of town for a few days of vacation and it was awesome! My friends and I packed up and went to the Chicago Open Air Festival for a little out of state fun.

This year's lineup included Kiss, Korn, Godsmack, Rob Zombie, Megadeth, Stone Sour, Slayer, Ozzy, and a bunch more. If you're looking for a festival to go to next year, this is definitely one to toss on your bucket list.

Right out of the gate the experience was awesome. The parking was really well organized and finding ticket windows and entrances was super easy. We grabbed our tickets and walked on in.

On day one, we checked out the lay of the land and found our favorite spots. We made our way to the front of the Monster Energy Main Stage to watch Hell or Highwater and the weekend was officially underway. Eventually we wrapped up the day with Megadeth, Rob Zombie, and Kiss. It was probably one of the best Zombie shows I've seen in awhile.

Day two was packed, but not in a bad way. We bounced between stages at the beginning of the day, but made our way to the floor to get up front for Avatar. As always, a great damn show. The day continued with force for Steel Panther, Body Count, Seether, Godsmack, Korn, and more.

I can't lie, it was a little tough to get up on Sunday, but my concert junkie friends and I chugged some caffeine and pressed on. It was well worth it. After the coffee kicked in, we finished of the weekend with Stone Sour, Slayer, Ozzy, and more.

The festival ran extremely smooth, everything was easy to find, and all the vendors had some pretty awesome items. A bit of advice if you make the journey next year, the lockers (with phone chargers in them) are well worth it. Also, don't settle for just bowl tickets. Field or VIP is the best way to go for sure. We were a little tired at the end of Saturday so we went into the VIP beer tent and watched the last bit of Korn's show on the massive l.e.d. screen they had in there. That was a great touch!

Big thanks to my friends for going and letting me steal some of your pictures. Check them out below. I'll be putting together the video footage we took soon.


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