The Upper and Lower Peninsula are just two of the many things that make Michigan unique and awesome. Unfortunately, the folks at Mountain Dew missed that part of geography class.

In a new marketing campaign, "DewNited State," Mountain Dew created bottles to showcase and feature all 50 states. I've always liked products and ideas like this. Many people like to show pride in their state and collect things like this. The problem is that the people putting together the campaign don't know where Michigan ends and where Wisconsin begins.

Being a Michigander, this bothers the hell out of me. Not because someone made a mistake, but because we were somehow lumped together with Wisconsin. The only thing worse would be if we were labeled as Ohio. Get your s*** together Mountain Dew.

On a side note, Mountain Dew is also running a contest with the bottles. If you collect all 50 bottles, you could win a $100 prepaid gift card. You also be wide awake for weeks. Check out the video to see their screw up.

The response from the Twitter page "The Upper Peninsula" is pretty awesome too.

Source: MLive

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