In case you missed it yesterday, Mountain Dew made a huge mistake in their "DEWnited States" campaign and label Michigan's Upper Peninsula as part of Wisconsin.

After The Upper Peninsula twitter account called them out on their mistake, Mountain Dew was quick to apologize. They also want the opportunity to right their wrong. They are now asking what Michiganders love about the Upper Peninsula so they can create a special limited edition U.P. label for their campaign.  This was in direct response to the "triple dog dare" on The Upper Peninsula's twitter page.

Mountain Dew is also running a contest with the 50 original state labels on their bottles. Collect all 50, enter the codes, and Mountain Dew will send you a $100 prepaid gift card. As of now, there is no word as to whether or not the Upper Peninsula label will be included in the contest.

I love a good cold Mountain Dew in the summer and now I may have to try and collect all 50, possibly 51, bottles this summer.

Source: MLive

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