How could Mudvayne's Ryan Martinie have anticipated his plucky bassline from the group's 2000 single "Dig" would become a popular meme nearly two decades later? Regardless, the onomatopoeic "Brbr Deng" — the meme launched by Martinie's nasty bass in the tune — has Mudvayne members addressing fans' hopes for a reunion. Specifically, Martinie himself spoke to the matter with MetalSucks Wednesday (July 17).

But that doesn't mean Mudvayne is rushing into band rehearsals. In fact, the bassist left the question up in the air, partially echoing his bandmate Greg Tribbett's response to the same query last year.

"Man, there's always talk," Martinie replied. "Which is a good thing. I'm fortunate enough that the thing that we made together still garners some kind of interest from our fans and for those people who may have wanted to see us and never got to. There's still kind of the, 'Man, are they gonna do it?'"

He continued, "I don't have any answers for you on that front. Only that it's fun when Mudvayne still is something that people enjoy. Like the brbr-DENG thing. Alright, cool, make some stuff up and make people laugh and share in it. But as far as it being a future item… I don't know, only time can tell."

Previously, Tribbett promoted patience to those waiting for a Mudvayne reunion. He told the BREWtally Speaking Podcast that group members' other musical activities — which include singer Chad Gray's heavy metal supergroup Hellyeah — were taking precedence.

"We’re all flattered that everyone still wants Mudvayne to tour and do a new record and come out and do all that stuff," Tribbett said. "The thing is is that everybody is in three different bands and kinda doing their own projects, and there's no time for that right now."

Mudvayne, who released four albums since their "Dig"-spawning debut L.D. 50, went on hiatus in 2010. In 2012, memes involving the music video (and the bassline) first started appearing on YouTube.

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