Not everyone has the benefit of growing up with a rock star father, but for Taipei Houston's Myles and Layne Ulrich, their father Lars has been quite helpful with some good advice as the two musicians start their music careers.

During a recent interview with Rock Sound (as seen below), the brothers spoke about what advice their father had shared especially within the early stages of their band.

Drummer-guitarist Myles recalled, "Especially early on, he gave some advice. That was cool. You know, we played him a few songs and… there’s not really like one soundbite in particular, it was more just like stuff about – you know, ‘Don’t waste time doing this or doing that; don’t take 10 years to make your music,’ like, ‘Get it out there, go show people what you’re doing.’ You know what I mean? Just be smart and time-efficient and the kind of stuff like general industry advice – which is always really good to have, I think, because the music industry is crazy.”

Singer-bassist Layne then chimed in, “I think the main thing for us… is being around people who are super passionate about what they’re doing and like are always improving and working on what they’re doing. That’s been just a great lesson. You know, I think for us, artistically, just seeing people who are always trying to continue working and just stay busy with their art. I think it’s been really, really cool in that, for sure, 100 percent.”

After starting to build a buzz over the past year, Taipei Houston are releasing a new album today (Nov. 4). Once Bit Never Bored is available at this location. Layne Ulrich says of the set, “These songs came about at a time when we felt really upside down. I think they reflect a certain unease in the world right now.” “This record is about going up when everyone else goes down, going right when everyone else goes left,” adds drummer, guitarist Myles Ulrich. “We hope it makes you dance and headbang at the same time, but either/or is fine!”

Coinciding with the album's release, the band just issued their new single and video "Respecter," which can be viewed below the Rock Sound interview. And be sure to look for Taipei Houston on tour in the new year. Dates can be found below.

Taipei Houston Speak With Rock Sound

Taipei Houston, "Respecter"

Taipei Houston 2023 Tour Dates

Feb. 9 - Indianapolis, Ind. @ Hi-Fi*
Feb. 10 - Columbus, Ohio @ Newport Music Hall*
Feb. 11 - St. Louis, Mo. @ Delmar Hall*
Feb. 13 - Houston, Texas @ Warehouse Studio*
Feb. 14 - Austin, Texas @ Scoot Inn*
Feb. 15 - Dallas, Texas @ Granada Theater*
Feb. 17 - Albuquerque, N.M. @ Launchpad*
Feb. 18 - Phoenix, Ariz. @ Crescent Ballroom*
Feb. 19 - San Diego, Calif. @ Music Box*
Feb. 21 - Los Angeles, Calif. @ Fonda Theater*
Feb. 22 - San Francisco, Calif. @ August Hall*
Feb. 24 - Portland, Ore. @ Hawthorne, Theater*
Feb. 25 - Seattle, Wash. @ The Crocodile*
Feb. 26 - Vancouver, British Columbia @ Rickshaw Theatre*

*Opening for White Reaper

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