The November 5th (2022) midterm elections are looming close. Amongst all the hype, and negative ads flooding your TV and social media, it's possible that you've got a musician running for office in your town or state, hoping to make a difference.

Musicians have a long history of being involved in politics, mostly by speaking out on issues they are passionate about or supporting candidates they believe in. Rage Against the Machine and System of a Down come to mind as two of the most political bands out there. And even if musicians aren't overtly political themselves, they are sometimes thrust into the sphere because politicians use their songs (often without permission) in their campaigns.

And then there is the artist that chooses to get directly involved and run for office. Some of them are doing it to change the lives of people around them, and other just run as a gag to protest the lunacy of the whole election process. Some wind up winning and have even reached high levels of government in their countries and continue to serve today.

Before you cast your votes, check out these musicians that have run for office, below.

Musicians Who Ran for Political Office

These rockers not only made music, but also wanted to make a difference in the world.

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