A 72-year-old man was recently attacked after telling/asking a man to pick up the garbage he had just thrown onto the ground. Keep in mind, we should never have to tell another adult to pick up their trash, it should be common sense after all.

According to WDIV, Dennis Probert went to the Ace Hardware store in the Eastgate Shopping Center off Gratiot Avenue to get a new pair of keys made Friday. He said he saw a car dumping bags of trash into the parking lot.

Apparently, Probert was taking photos of the man's car so he could give them to the police. While he was doing this, the passenger got out of of the car and approached him. Probert mentioned that he saw him littering and that's when the man attacked him.

Dennis Probert:

He was right at my face and started punching me, hit me three or four times. I went down. I think he must have either kicked me or punched me in the rib cage.

After beating on Probert, the passenger got back in the car and took off.

Probert says he wants to see them punished if the police can figure out who did this to him.

I will press charges once they get him. And they will, whether they check the cameras out or they go from the information I gave them.

The whole thing pisses me off because nothing makes me madder than people who litter. For whatever reason, I've been seeing so much of this lately. People not having a care in the world and they just open up their car doors and dump their garbage out onto the ground like it's no big deal. Well, it is a big deal. Stop being a lazy piece of crap and throw out your trash.

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