I'm very lucky I have a kid that responds almost immediately after I text him. Granted he's only 13 and that will probably all change as he gets a little older. Not every parent has is as good as I do when it comes to this.

According to WNEM, a dad in the United Kingdom has created an app called ReplyASAP which he believes will eliminate the problem of kids not replying to their parent's texts. The new mobile app essentially freezes a child's phone until they respond to a text. The app then takes over the screen and triggers an alarm that sounds off until the message is read, forcing the recipient to reply to regain control over their device.

If the phone is off, there isn't much that can be done but as soon as the phone is turned back on, the alarm will go off. If the phone is in silent mode, the alarm will sound which I believe could be an issue from time to time. Once they have read the text, you'll get a notification.

ReplyASAP is currently available for Android, but unfortunately, there is no iOS version for Apple devices.