Mountain Dew is on a roll. The PepsiCo owned soda pop just recently released a new flavor, Major Melon, and now it looks like another flavor is already in the works. Prepare yourself (and your pie hole) for Riddler's Brew.

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'The Batman' inspired drink will most likely not be released until March of 2022 - that is when the movie is set to be released. According to Reddit, 'The Batman' promotion will also be included on Mountain Dew bottles and Mountain Dew Zero Sugar bottles too. Are these collectors items? I would imagine so for major Batman fans. I know if Guns N' Roses or Bon Jovi were featured on Mountain Dew bottles, I would want one of each for sure.

As far as what flavor Riddler's Brew will be - that remains a mystery. I can tell you the color of it is dark blue. What does dark blue taste like? A blueberry? I don't know. What do you think the new flavor will be?

What little information we have about the upcoming beverage, is said to have been leaked by an anonymous person. Sometimes I wonder if a so called 'leak' is really a leak, or is really done intentionally?

It really doesn't matter either way. If you love all things Mountain Dew (like my boyfriend Nick), or love all things Batman, you are going to be excited about this drink regardless of when it comes out.

Hey, we all know how fast time flies. March 2022 will be here before we know it - I just hope we are not still wearing masks by then.

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