Is there a new gas station being constructed in Flint near the Genesee Valley Mall?

What appears to be a new gas station is currently being built at the corner of Linden and Bristol Roads. The site is still pretty early into construction so I can't be sure that it is a gas station for certain, but it looks like it.

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The land on the southeast corner of that intersection has been cleared and crews are working on what looks like a gas station, judging by the three huge Xerxes tanks that or just waiting to be installed. The question is, what kind of gas station will it be?

TSM Monroe
TSM Monroe

Most people in the area would just assume that it would be another Speedway as you really can't drive more than 30 feet in this area without seeing one of those. However, there are quite a few other gas station chains that are expanding into Michigan at this point.

Love's already has a few locations and Kum & Go has opened a few in Michigan as well. Other possibilities could be Circle K and Sheetz. I am actually a big fan of Love's as of my last trip south. We stopped at quite a few of those on the way to South Carolina a couple of months ago and they were always clean and had plenty of food options.

If it is a new company to the area, which gas station would you want to see at this location? If you are in the know, be sure to leave a comment so we can all share in your knowledge.

Either way, it will be great to have another place to stop on that stretch of Bristol Road.

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