I think it is safe to say most everyone is filled with stress, anxiety, and worry. That is okay - I know I am. The coronavirus pandemic is taking its toll, and we are all wondering when things will get back to normal, whatever normal may be.

It's crazy how movies from so long ago like 'Contagion' can hit so close to home now. Something that seemed absolutely crazy in a movie, has become real life. Same goes for music. Theory Of A Deadman have a song, 'World Keeps Spinning' on their latest album 'Say Nothing', that also hits close to home - and was written way before the coronavirus scare.

If you have yet to hear the song, check out the video above of Tyler Connolly performing it in his home studio.Warning, if you are offended by the F word - prepare to be offended.

I hope you and your family are healthy and safe. We will get through this.

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