So now that everyone has seen 'The Dark Knight Rises' 32 times, a lot of people are looking to get a Batman fix.  The Christopher Nolan movies are over and there isn't going to be another one.  Luckily, the good people at DC are ready to release a new Batman flick, 'The Dark Knight Returns'.

I'm a huge fan of Batman, so I'll watch pretty much anything with the Caped Crusader in it.  'The Dark Knight Returns' was originally a graphic novel by one of the greatest names in comic books, Frank Miller.  'The Dark Knight Returns' is one of Batman's best graphic novels and features a 55-year-old Bruce Wayne coming out of retirement to save Gotham City one more time.  The movie will be split into two parts, the first of which is out on September 25th.

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Source: ScreenCrush

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