Nicole Isaacs travels the world and hangs out with superheroes. Yup. Sounds like she's got this life thing pretty well figured out.

Back in the day, travel was something you could do once, maybe twice annually if you worked hard and saved money all year. In the age of Instagram, traveling has become a job. And we don't mean traveling salesman or travel agent -- some of these babes are getting paid to go places and be hot in those places and post pictures of themselves being hot in those places. Not bad work if you can get it.

Nicole Isaacs has managed to turn her love of travel, culture, and food into a career as an author and founder of Haute Living Magazine. She also posts a ton pics of her adventures from exotic locations all over the globe. Sometimes those pics feature her friend Caity Lotz, who fans of the DC Comics television universe know as White Canary. Superheroes, beautiful women, exotic locations... why does it feel like we missed the coolest part of high school career day?

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