Just because Motley Crue dropped their new single ‘Sex’ this year, that doesn’t mean a full-length album is in the works. In fact, Nikki Sixx says the band doesn’t even know when it’ll get back to the studio, meaning we may have to reconsider the band’s inclusion on our 10 Most Anticipated 2013 Rock Albums.

“We got it out there for the fans, for the tour, and it’s exciting for the band to play something new,” Sixx told Billboard regarding the song ‘Sex.’ “We love the classics and the hits, and I know the fans love that, too, but to be able to play something new is great.”

But, as Sixx explained, “It takes time to put together music” — and that could mean an extended wait for a follow-up to the band’s last album, 2008′s ‘Saints of Los Angeles.’

“Right now we’re just writing music,” offered Sixx. “There’s tons of material always there — there’s riffs for days, ideas, choruses here, verses there. For us, it’s how many songs have we written, how many do we love and what do we want to do with them? It’s about finding the time to go home, be off the road, get everybody in a room and start riffing and see where it goes.”

And according to Sixx, going home is the only thing the group has planned following the conclusion of its tour with Kiss — despite Vince Neil‘s recent suggestion that they could return to Las Vegas for another residency. “Not at this time, no,” he said in response to the possibility of another Vegas run. “There’s no plan to do it again right now. Whether we do it or not again, I don’t know.”