I don't know what kind of games homegirl is playing with my son, but it would appear that she has zero chill.

I don't want to put anyone's kid on blast, so I removed the names from this note from my son's "girlfriend." I put that in quotes because he gets kind of embarrassed when we ask him about it, but he definitely doesn't deny that this young lady is his girlfriend like he usually does when we ask him about girls. More on their current status after we get to the reason for this article -- the note.

So, this note my son had in his backpack found its way to the dinner table last night, and it blew my mind. Check this thing out.

Here's the Front and the Back

Tree Riddle, Townsquare Media

And the REALLY Interesting Part

Tree Riddle, Townsquare Media

Holy crap! Not only did this young lady tell my son "Goodbye forever," but she also apologized with "I'm moving to another school and I think I'm sick." That could be true, and if they weren't so young this jaded old man would say this feels like a next-level brush off. Moving to another school? Pssh. I wouldn't be surprised if the next note said, "Sorry, but I'm dead now. Don't call me. K, byeeeeee."

After all of this, I heard my daughter ask him if they were "still together." To which my son nonchalantly replied "yeah." Young love, y'all. It's crazy.