Get the Jeeps, quads, big trucks and Suzuki's ready to roll, and leave room for one extra butt...MINE! 

One of the best things about where I grew up is most definitely the seemingly unlimited trails, perfect for going off-roading! Mud running, mudding, two tracking, whatever you want to call it, is one of my favorite things to do and knowing this makes me miss my Jeep more than ever! (Let's just say my Jeep met face to face with a semi truck, so losing the Jeep was a small loss...and no I wasn't driving.) Whether you haven't had much time to go out this summer, and felt like paying the fee for the season would be pointless or you want to take your new project vehicle out to test it's boundaries, this is the month to try it for free!

Pro-tip: it's not a great idea to use your daily-driver for such a mission, unless you have money to burn for repairs on a car you need for work and kids. I once watched a man drown his daily-driver while trying to show off, and I didn't feel one bit sorry for him.

Andrea Love Townsquare Media

The weekend of August 20 & 21 the State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources invites you to check out any of the DNR-designated routes and trails, including Silver Lake State Park, without a permit. You don't have much time left to enjoy this Pure Michigan summer, so before the kids go back to school, take them out and rattle their brains a bit! Or leave them behind and get extra rowdy, doesn't matter to me, just enjoy the free pass, and again...leave extra room for me! :-)

For full details, maps, and rules click here.

Now I'll be singing "Big Truck" by Coal Chamber for the rest of the day.