Having a cell phone is a privilege for younger kids. It's not a need in most cases. Personal opinion.

My daughter was eight when her mom and I decided to get her a phone. It wasn't a smartphone that's for sure. But more for emergencies if and when needed. Just to keep in contact with family members and when she did get a smartphone we sure as hell put restrictions on it.

But when a 36-year-old woman gets pissed at her parents for shutting off her cell phone I think calling 911 to report them is a little too much.

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Authorities in Canton, Ohio arrested a 36-year-old woman who did just that not once but twice.

Seloni Khetarpal of Massillon Ohio was arrested on Feb. 13 and charged with disrupting police services, a fourth-degree felony. She repeatedly called emergency dispatchers because her parents had terminated her cellphone service, which they paid for.

Well, she is from Ohio. SMH

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