Police in Dayton, Ohio have arrested a woman who kept the body of her boyfriend in a hotel for over four days after the boyfriend died from an apparent drug overdose. What?

A worker at the Crosslands Motel in Sharonville, Ohio discovered the body over the weekend from a foul smell coming out of the room. Really? Imagine that?

The woman's name is not being released yet, but the 34-year-old told police that she and her boyfriend did heroin and that he stopped breathing. Police say that she covered him up with a white blanket. Just in case he got cold.  What did she do then? You guessed it -- she decided to keep shooting up and stay in the room.

The woman is now being charged with abuse of a corpse and I am sure some other drug charges as well. The question that I am sitting here asking myself is who in their right mind would just leave the dude. Well, she wasn't in her right mind and she is from Ohio.

Source: fox45now.com